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A Social Media Economy

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Snap, Post, Paid. It's that easy.

Belacam is a social media site where you get paid for creating and sharing content that other people enjoy. Each 'like' carries a $.05 - $.10 tip, so each 'like' you get means someone else enjoyed your photo. When you give someone else a like, you're tipping them for sharing their content too. It's an economy based around our social interactions.

Whether motivated by goodwill, honest enjoyment, or a few economic benefits that we provide to people who give likes, over $5,000 has been tipped around the site to content creators. That's over 100,000 likes in our first 3 weeks of operation.

We're leading the rise of micro-entrepreneurs all around the world. With Belacam, anyone can earn a few extra dollars a day by sharing their own original photos. It makes you wonder: why would you ever post your photos for free on sites like Instagram again?

The best part about Belacam is that original content and photos are the ones that earn the most. There are no ads or corporate-paid promotions because no one wants to give those tips. Instead, high-quality content rises to the top, creating a cleaner, more refined social media site. It's the Belacam social media economy.

I'll see you on Belacam,

Tyler Marx

CEO of Belacam

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